“Ruh-ruh-ruh-ruh-ruh-ruh-ruh-ruh-RUN’S HOUSEEEE!”

“Who’s House?!” “Run’s House!” Was the first thing I thought of when I stepped foot into our new listing at 1003 Rhondstat Run. This bounding beauty is begging for a big, loving, full-of-life family to fill its rooms! It’s perfect for a multi-generational family or a family who has a lot going on all the time; it has space for it all!

Upon entering for the first walk-thru, I could already see the memories spill in for the family that makes this their new forever.

Front of House View from Cul-de-sac

But, for those of you who didn’t watch MTV’s “Run’s House” with Rev Run’s family in the mid-2000’s, Picture this:

You open your eyes to the white-yellow sun peeking through your blinds, gentle enough not to wake you quite yet, but bright enough to let you know it’s time to enjoy your Saturday. Through your blinds and the spaces in your balcony slats, you can see lush green rolling hills that remind you it’s a great day to be alive and maybe, if your knees don’t creak upon rising from bed, just maybe you’ll take a hike up one of those hills today.

Master Suite

You gently pull on your robe and shuffle out of your quiet and spacious master bedroom to the smell of fresh brewed coffee. From your master suite corner on the first floor, you peer up the stairs and into the media room where you can see the remnants of worn socks, video games and an empty bag of popcorn strewn across the carpeted floor, and you have to softly crack a secret smile to yourself because you know those are sure signs of a fun night at the house for your kiddos and their buddies.

Media Room

As you make your way down the hall, you’re greeted with a newspaper and a smile from your Father-in-law who already has the coffee brewing and the Health and Education section plucked out for you to flip through as you sit at the breakfast table with him.  He and your mother-in-law are occupying the first floor guest suite next to the study for the week of spring break for some much needed quality time with the family. As you page through the Health section and glance over the latest and greatest dinner recipe, the thought of cooking for a full house in the night to come warms your heart.

Breakfast nook adjacent to gourmet kitchen

You can already see yourself calling the kids in from playing safely in the cul-de-sac in front of your house. You see yourself saying yes to the neighbor kid allowing him to come over to eat dinner and staying the night again. But before all of this you join your in-laws and husband who had set up comfy chairs on the front porch so you had a front row seat at the latest “Jackpot” catch game until the sun waves farewell for the day. You still smile, because you know these are memories in the making and you won’t always have time with your family under one roof, and you feel so grateful that you bought the house 1003 Rhondstat Run. Maybe you even whisper a little thanks to the universe for providing you the opportunity to make these memories that you will hold near and dear to your heart for as long as you can.

Google image from street view of cul-de-sac, peek at the rolling hills behind

1003 Rhondstat Run Stats:
5 bed, 4.5 bath, 3 car garage
4,618 square feet
Media Room and large game room upstairs
First Floor Master Suite and Guest Suite
First Floor study
3 additional bedrooms upstairs
Gourmet kitchen with breakfast bar


Contact the Blessed Life Group to schedule a showing or to make this description your new reality!

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