Austin’s Best Food Truck Tour: Stop #1 Garbo’s

All the mouth feels

For our first stop I was lucky enough to have my family join me, and that’s good for all of you because there’s no one who loves to eat, or who appreciates food more than my sister, Kasey. There’s also no one who gives a better review, of anything. Keep reading.

I’ll start off with a few sentences taken straight from her full mouth, pieced together through bites, swallows and “mmm’s”-

“This is so Maine, so authentic-fresh. You can’t get this quality anywhere for this price. One. Of. A. (swallow) Kind. I’m definitely coming back. I’ll bring Ashley and L.C.” And let me tell you, if she’s bringing her lady, and her trusty sidekick rescue pup, she’s not messing around.

Kasey had Garbo’s famous Maine Style Lobster Roll because “it’s what you’re supposed to get, it’s the best.” And while she’s at it, she wants to know “why would you get anything else?”

My bite had me wanting to talk through the tastes while Lobster falls out of my mouth, to be sure everyone around me had real-time feedback. We McBreartys are sharers.

By the end of our glorious, lobster-filled hour, she (and we) were all lit-er-ally jumping for joy. Action shot pictured below.

My mom, Elaine, who has coined her own language we lovingly refer to as “Elainguage” added her two cents as well. Important to note, she had the burger.

“Delish! Ha! All I can say is, that definitely wasn’t Whataburger. The bun was totally bunning!” This is not a slight at Whataburger, we love Whataburger for all the late nights and early mornings the Texas staple has held our hand through; this is just a testament to how AMAZING Garbo’s burger is. See for yourself, a literal inside look.

She added avocado and bacon. You also have the option of adding a fried egg (the ingredient that takes any burger over the top in my opinion) and of course, lobster.

My bite turned into four. I couldn’t stop. The bun actually WAS bunning and the ground chuck/brisket blend patty with melted white cheddar gave me the food bounces. Food bounces happen when you eat something so good it makes you want to move, think of music, but substitute that with food. Same same.

To round out our menu, my teammate, Laura, and I had the Lobster Cobb Salad. And as any true salad connoisseur knows, there are a few considerations that make or break a salad. And spoiler alert, Garbo’s Lobster Cobb is firing on all cylinders. Fresh ingredients, first and foremost, was 6 stars across all menu items. Salad specific requirements also hit, including a variety of color, texture, dressing, and size (size matters, boys), and the Cobb delivered.

Pre and post salad mix- feast your eyes on those colors!

After we wrapped up our meal underneath the generous shade provided by the neighboring skyscraper at the corner of 9th and Congress, I was able to swindle one of the generous Garbo’s workers into giving me a quick interview. I’m no Diane Sawyer, in case that wasn’t already apparent from my stellar writing, so Lacey deserves all the credit in the world for taking on my impromptu questions with kindness and grace.

And if it’s not obvious, these have been included from my Instagram feed, so please pardon the lack of professionalism and embrace the realness if you can.

All in all, these are some rad chicks making some even radder food for us. If the vacay fund is running low, and Lobster is a pallet pleaser for your buds, skip the trip to Maine and hit up Garbo’s the next chance you get, I promise you will not be disappointed.

Also, if you’re looking for somewhere to eat this Sunday, they’re doing a special Easter Brunch menu at their store front. And if you’re not looking for somewhere to eat this Sunday because your Aunt Donna has Easter Brunch covered like mine does, check out one of their food truck locations near you.

Thanks for reading! Next stop is Dee Dee Food Truck, next Saturday 4/27, come join or read the happily, hungrily, and poorly written review afterward!

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